Be Refreshed.
Be Encouraged.
Be Empowered.
Be Equipped.
Be Changed.
Be Set Free. 
Prayers for Your Family

(page 19, in 'The Mom Ministry' book):

"Father in Heaven, humbly we come before you in agreement, and in the matchless name of Jesus. We boldly come before your throne of grace to receive mercy.  Covered in the shed blood of Jesus, we ask you, Lord, to send your Holy Spirit to minister to me, the grace, truth, and understanding that leads to wisdom and liberty in my mind, body, and spirit. I ask you to set me free to be all that you have destined me to be. First, as your daughter, second, as a woman of God, and third, as a Mother. I open my heart to what Your Spirit is saying to me, Lord. I ask that you restore my heart, mind, time, and family. Help me see the ministry of being an anointed Mom the way that you do. I ask that you breath on me the break of life that liberates me from everything that holds me back and blinds me. Take Your Holy Word, the sword of the Spirit, and cut to the very root of the things that are in my heart, that stop me from growing and moving in You, and being transformed by Your Spirit. Liberate me from the mindsets that hinder me from changing and believing that through You, I can do all things. In Jesus' name, we believe that we receive what we have asked for and we refuse to doubt! I will give You all the praise, honor, and glory, you are so deserving of. Thank You, Father. Amen."

(page 182, in 'The Mom Ministry' book):

"Oh Lord, I pray for our eyes ~ to see what You see. Lord, that we would have ears to hear what You are saying to the church, and to our families. Lord, I pray that we would carry Your heart, touch with Your hands, and go in Your spirit and power.  I pray that Your Spirit will flow...Yes, Lord ~ Restore us, and build our families, our children, and Your church through us. Enable us, by Your Spirit to prepare the way for YOU. Jesus...we want to be ready, waiting, and looking for You. You are Our Lord, Saviour, Healer, Deliverer, Redeemer, and BEST FRIEND! Thank You, Jesus - for everything! To YOU be all the honour and glory, forever and ever! The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come, Lord Jesus, Come. In Your Precious and Holy Name we pray."

(page 87, in 'The Mom Ministry' book):

"Loving Father, I pray that you will give me the grace I need to help my children see and know deep within their hearts, that the royal blood of Jesus paid for their own heavenly royalty, in full.  Father, I pray that their spirit will 'catch' what You are saying to them through this teaching (We are a Royal Priesthood). I pray that deep in their hearts, they will sense how special and loved they are and how important it is to shine for Jesus, that the world may know You and Your love for them. I pray also, Father, that they will be compelled to cherish all those around them in the same way. Thank You for drawing us deeper into Your heart, Lord. I love You and thank you. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen."


"Loving Heavenly Father, I thank you for your promise that there is 'hope in my future, that my children will come back to their borders' (Jeremiah 31:17). Father you are the Lord of the prodigals - I choose to trust that you will keep that promise for my prodigal son/daughter, and that as I release them into your hands and care, You are doing what ONLY YOU CAN DO in their life. I choose to trust You, and I praise you for your mercy of my child/children, that your arms are not too short, and that your Holy Spirit even now, is doing a mighty work in their life. I choose to trust you when it looks like nothing is happening, and when my strength fails, Lord, I know YOUR STRENGTH is mine and because Christ Jesus lives in me, I know that I can make it through this time of testing. Father, I speak life and truth and Your love over my child, I choose to bless them to walk in your ways. Lord, I ask that you place the conviction of the Holy Spirit upon my child/children, so strongly, that they fall to their knees and ask you to take over their life and heart and lead them back to you! Father, I thank you that your mercy is new every morning, and I thank you for hearing my prayer, and freeing me from ALL fear, worry, doubt and unbelief. In the Name of Jesus - I speak peace over my home, heart and mind, and I choose to believe your word, no matter what. Thank You, Father for hearing my prayer, in Jesus name. Amen."


"Heavenly Father, thank you for Your faithfulness to my children and I. Lord, Your word promises that You will be a husband to the husbandless, a father to the fatherless. I trust You, and thank you for taking care of us, for being near us, and for helping me parent my children by the power of Your Holy Spirit. I ask you to fill me with Your Presence and peace and grant me great grace to overcome every obstacle in my way. Pour out Your spirit on our home, and bless my children with the peace and sense of security that can only come from You. Father, will  you knit our hearts together in Your love and surround us with angelic hosts that will minister to us, as we sleep, work, go to school and walk through this day. I thank you for being our Provider, our Protector, our Comforter and our Covering. I ask that you bless me with friends, family, and relationships that glorify You and strengthen us in our walk of faith in You. I ask you to give us eyes to see opportunities to encourage and serve others along the way, as I know this is the way to true and lasting joy in You. Father, thank You for your unending love and mercy, for your forgiveness and the precious blood of Jesus that washes us and makes us white as snow. Thank You for working all things together for our good and Your glory. This day, I choose to praise you in every circumstance. In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen."


"Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray a blessing over my household. Lord, I pray you would cover it with Your Holy Presence, increase and bless us to walk in your will, to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's prompting, and to walk humbly with you in an intimate way. Father, I pray you would bless our finances, and give us a heart that loves to give, loves to sow into Your work, and invests in fields that will produce a great harvest that is eternal and that brings You honor and glory. Father, bless us with health in our body, spirit, mind and soul, that is divine and in keeping with Your ways and Your thoughts. Father, bless us walk with hearts that have been purified by the blood of Jesus so that our motives and thoughts would bring you glory. We ask you to bless our relationships so that they will bring forth great spiritual fruit and the anointing of Your Holy Spirit to be powerful and effective in winning the lost and healing the hurting, and setting the captives free. Father, bless us indeed - that we may cause no pain, and that the lines of our territory will increase and bring you Glory in every way. Keep evil far from us, Lord, and intensify your Presence and activity in and through us, I pray, in Jesus name! Amen." 

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