Be Refreshed.
Be Encouraged.
Be Empowered.
Be Equipped.
Be Changed.
Be Set Free. 
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The Mom Ministry

192 pg paperback - $15.00

-   God Didn't Call You to Be 'Super-Mom'
so you can relax and take off your Cape! Be Set Free to prepare this generation to fulfill
their divine purpose!

-   An equipping guide for Moms and Mentors to learn how  to rely upon the Holy Spirit in your parenting.

-   FOR MEN also!!!  Many men are finding tremendous blessing from The Mom Ministry!

Protecting This Generation from the Spirit of Antichrist 

208 pg paperback $15.00
207 pg eBook       $  9.99
          (for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Nook, Kindle, Sony       eReader)

The Bridal Changing Room

48 pg paperback - $9.00

-   An unforgettable 1- hour reading!
-   Men, Women, and Youth 
love The Bridal Changing Room
   You will grow in compassion for others!

-   Whether male or female, are you one that struggles with seeing yourself as the 

'Bride' of Christ?
-   Be inspired to take your place in the body of Christ.
-   For the Young and Old, the rich and poor.
-   For the saved and unsaved.
-   A spiritual eye-opener.



Paperbacks available to order in all local bookstores. Just ask them.

Or, order at these online stores: 

eBook (Protecting This Generation) for iPad, iPhone, iPod:  (to download, search:  Lisa Hartell) 

eBook (Protecting This Generation)
for Nook, Kindle, Sony eReader:  
(Search Online at the corresponding stores who distribute Nook, Kindle and Sony eReader products).

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