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With a gift of encouragement and a passion to pray and share truths from God's Word, God has given Andy and Lisa Hartell a mandate and burden to see struggling and hurting families around the world restored to spiritual and emotional health, and families functioning in joy, love, peace and God's direction for their lives!

They bring a freshness from the Lord and a spirit-filled message of God's power and freedom to busy, stressed, and yearning hearts. Listeners of all ages break free from defeat and discouragement and begin to see and walk in God's vision, victory, and greater intimacy with Christ Jesus. 

God is glorified when families find freedom, healing, and draw near to Him.

[Your inquiry is important to us!  Currently we are booking International events from 6-18 months in advance. Each event is prayerfully considered before a final booking date is confirmed.]


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"There is hope for every hurting and dead marriage."

Andy and Lisa's testimony of God's renewal and resurrection after 18 years of marriage is deeply impacting. God allowed a wrecking-ball to come and breakdown everything they had built together (even their love was gone)! They learned to look for the Master's hand, cling to Him to bring about His plan, and believe God to help them love again after all seemed finished.

Their firm belief today: "NO MESS IS TOO BIG FOR GOD TO CLEAN-UP!"

Benefits of This Message:  Marriages will be filled with hope and refreshing. The Lord's spirit of healing and forgiveness are released into the hearts of willing hearers. Many hearts and relationships are healed, delivered, and begin the restoration process as the Holy Spirit ministers and touches them deeply through Andy and Lisa's testimony and prayer ministry. By the grace of God, Marriages around the world have been turned around and saved from total collapse. 

[This is ideal for an evening or a 1-2 day Marriage Conference, but also works well in an evening gathering or Family Conference coupled with parenting topics.]



Finding and staying in a relationship based upon "God's choice in a mate" for your marriage.

This topic is based on Lisa's testimony of how the Lord revealed to her that Andy was the husband God chose for her. God uses this powerful testimony to enable believers to learn how to discern the Holy Spirit's guidance and leading in what is one of the most important decisions of our lives:

Lisa discusses answers to questions such as:

"How Do I Know He/She Is the Right One?"

"How Do We Stay Together when It Seems Impossible"?

[This biblically based session is perfect for one or more sessions at a Conference, church service, or special event for both women and men (for both teens and mature audiences). Excellent for Youth, College-age, Singles, Divorced, and Married Couples.]




Part I.  The Dad Ministry

Part II.  The Mom Ministry

Part III.  Holy Spirit Powered Parenting

Holy Spirit powered parenting is a revelation the Lord gave Andy and I through some of the toughest of times in their personal family journey while learning to answer the call of God on their lives and raising their boys. 

Holy Spirit Powered Parenting is not an option for parents who are sincere about walking in all God has destined for their family. The next generation is facing intense levels of darkness and temptation, but the Lord has given us His Holy Spirit to walk in victory and to overcome every form of darkness that comes against us. 

Broken hearts and homes abound in our generation! RESTORATION is God's purpose and plan for every family! 

The miraculous overcoming power of God that we see all throughout scripture is available to us today and can change everything!

--Andy and Lisa proclaim with zeal, anointing, authority and love that parents today need to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit in their everyday life. In so doing - God's healing and freeing power is available to us to see things drastically change in our homes & families. 

--Families, ministers and people from all walks of life, and around the world have been dramatically impacted, healed, delivered and restored, as they hear these powerful experiences the Hartell's have walked through with the Holy Spirit in their family life.--

[Powerful prayer ministry times are woven into the conference and give attenders who desire a touch from the Lord an opportunity to do so.]

[This is ideal for:  a 1-2 day Parenting Conference, or 3 evening gatherings, or a Friday Eve + Saturday Conference, or a Parenting Retreat over a weekend.]



A conference or workshop like none other! 

As Lisa and Andy share their testimony about the Holy Spirit's invasion of their hearts in their home in 1997, and how Heset their feet on a radical Abraham/Sarah-type faith journey, you will be on the edge of your seat as you listen. This testimony is riveting! 

The Holy Spirit often pours faith into listener's hearts and opens the spiritual eyes of hearts to awaken to HOW MUCH MORE God has instore for their family, than the American Dream! 

Parents and young people around the world experience the Holy Spirit's stirring and kindling of what is described as a "fire in their heart" for God, during these sessions.
People receive fresh vision and expanded faith for their present and future families to be radically loving and following Jesus into their destiny, together, as they learn to let the Holy Spirit lead!

[This experience works well in a 1-2 session gathering or service, and can be expanded into a more in-depth 2-3 day training, Conference, or more private retreat].



From Genesis to Revelation, God gives us countless examples of His children learning to recognize and follow His voice. From Samuel, to David, to Abraham, Jesus, the disciples and the believers in the New Testament church. Knowing God's voice is part of being"in the family". Jesus said, "my sheep know Me and they know My voice." 

Lisa and Andy share how the Holy Spirit taught them to discern and recognize His voice through scripture, dreams, visions, others, and in prayer / worship. This is an essential and life-changing teaching, from the Word of God that empowers the body of Christ to walk out God's plan for their life, like believers in God's Word did.

Children and youth, also benefit greatly from this practical and edge-of-your-chair teaching and testimony.

 A Parent Session can be presented to help parents learn how to teach their children to listen for and know the voice of the Lord.

[This topic is great for a 1 session or multi-session conference or workshop setting.  Children's and Youth Conferences are also a great time for Andy and Lisa to teach and equip your church ministry teams and share this life-changing message.]



(Based on Lisa's newest Book) This message stirs a spiritual hunger in hearers, that draws people to desire and seek the Lord for a deep level of intimacy with Christ. The Holy Spirit releases understanding and an  intense urgency that shakes off complacency, lukewarmness, pride, and brings a fear of the Lord. A clear understanding of true intimacy with Jesus and how to engage and develop deeper intimacy with the Lord are shared and released, bringing freedom from religious works, performance and shame. The love and mercy of God are imparted during these sessions.

Listeners are stirred to rise up and answer the call of God to reach this generation, like never before! God awakens and mobilizes the body of Christ through this powerfully anointed message.




Lisa's riveting testimony of her decision & excruciating journey after willfully walking away from God at the critical age of 17. 

Lisa shares transparently and humbly (and even comically, at times) of her mistakes that led her into a place of paralyzing bondage to the enemy. It was after this, that she realized getting back to God was a war she never knew existed, and the devil was real and serious about not letting her go. 

Lisa says, "Walking away was easy for this once-bible-thumping-youth-group-attendee...I thought I was just gonna go have a little fun and then come back when I was ready. Walking away from the Lord, my best friend, was just one little step and decision at a time. But what I didn't know ahead of time was how bloody and painful the war would be, for me to return to the Lord."

Lisa's testimony speaks deeply to the hearts of lukewarm, troubled or confused teens (especially those who are in church and are dabbling in the world). Hearts of hearers are drawn by the Holy Spirit to return to the Lord, as they listen. Complacency and lukewarmness are blown away as the Holy Spirit draws and draws them deeply to Jesus.  Lisa points them to Jesus and the realization that their Peace, Joy, Contentment, destiny and calling can only be found in HIM alone.

Those that are riding the fence of faith, are drawn to jump off and into a closer relationship with Jesus and find a renewed connection and commitment to God.

[A powerful message for Teens, Jr. Highers, Youth Groups, Parents who have children who are running from the Lord, & people who are struggling with their relationship with God.  1 Session or Service is ideal for this topic, and it can be combined with other topics to create an entire Conference or Retreat].



Please call 815-301-7009 or email us to discuss your event.

God Bless You!
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