Equipping and Empowering Parents & Leaders in "Holy Spirit Powered Parenting"
Be Refreshed.
Be Encouraged.
Be Empowered.
Be Equipped.
Be Changed.
Be Set Free. 

Embrace the Call...

Welcome to The Mom Ministry & The Dad Ministry Website!

"God called us to equip & empower parents
to be the Church at home."

Families today need God's power to lead, to encourage them, to be healed and restored! 
We are helping families around the world learn how to let the Holy Spirit lead their family into all God has for them!

We equip parents, by teaching them how to be led by the Holy Spirit in their every day lives. We use:

Parenting Seminars and Conferences
Books, ebooks, Videos, Live Broadcasts
Small Study Groups
Radio, Television, & Online Broadcasts

This is part of God's plan to bring much needed healing and restoration to families that feel stuck, broken, and who are wanting God to help them grow closer to Him and each other.

Families, leaders, and churches all over the world are being healed, restored, set free, and empowered by God's power, mercy, and amazing grace! 

It's Time!

                          EMBRACE THE CALL.

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